Our culture has become so fast paced it’s easy to miss the little details. This is where Angler Pros was born. We’re the link that connects virtual to reality in the world of fishing. Through social media we’re able to connect the virtual world that all too often consumes us and polarize it with reality. The heart of our program is encouraging fisherman to get out there and document their experiences.

Our core values are to educate novice to seasoned anglers and help them be more successful. We offer industry discount opportunities to our members, tip videos, tutorials, and a networking experience that allows anglers to not only swap fishing stories, but to fish new territories with new friends. Our goal is to get more people involved in the great outdoors, share their experiences, and catch more fish!

Why Angler Pros?

As we mentioned, we strive to bring together dedicated anglers of all skill levels. Our Angler Crew is not limited to professionals. While we do limit the quantity to ensure a tighter-knit community, we want to ensure the program is available to as many different anglers as possible.

If you are dedicated, ethical and simply love the outdoors, being part of our Angler Crew might just be perfect for you. If you are itching to share your stories and catches while documenting your journey, Angler Pros provides the perfect outlet for that and will guide you along the way.

A Sister to Cervicide

Our sister site Cervicide caters to the hunting community as a whole. They have been around the past decade and have built up an amazing community of hunters, outdoorsmen, and fishermen alike.

The success of Cervicide combined with the demand from their field staff for more fishing-centric content and discounts was a integral part to the development of Angler Pros.

Take a look around…

We encourage you to browse the site to see what we’re all about. Certain parts of the site are available only to our Angler Crew like our Partner Discounts, our Video School and of course, discounted Angler Crew Gear. Our Blog, Crew Gallery, Crew Videos and Shop are always evolving!

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