Our Angler Crew Members are proud to be a part of what we are building and we love hearing and showing off their testimonials. Check out some testimonials from our crew below.

Here are some Testimonials from our Angler Crew

I have been a member of Angler Pro since February of this year. I’m not going to lie, at first I I was a little skeptical. Just seemed too good to be true. My doubts literally disappeared within the first month. Not only did I have a lot of my photos published on all of their social media outlets but a blog I wrote about my father was also published which meant a lot to my father and I. So within the 1st month, I had already made 1/3 of my membership dues. Just by doing what I do on a daily basis!

I went to my first event last weekend. Like I had mentioned my doubts went out the window a month in, but attending the event literally made me feel like I definitely made the right choice in joining Angler Pros. I met some great people not just at the event but during my whole weekend in New York and Pennsylvania! It was an absolute blast! From the moment I met up with Jeremy to cooking out after the event with the whole team and wrapping up the amazing trip by catching a beautiful Brown trout on the fly rod! Exceeded my expectations completely!

I have always wanted to experience different styles and techniques of fishing. Angler Pros helped me accomplish that and it’s only been 5 months! I also want to teach others about the species I target on a daily basis. Being apart of this group has pushed me to be more involved with others willing to learn and grow.

If you put in what you expect to get out of Angler Pros, you will not be disappointed. I know I am completely siked to be apart of this amazing group of men and woman. Being an angler who thrives on growth and educating myself and others this was definitely the group for me.

The awesome discounts on quality gear is a huge plus also. From Huk shirts that keep me dry and cool in the savage heat of Florida to the Woo! Tungsten never chip weights that hold up to the extreme beating I put on them while fishing heavy cover.

Angler Pros is definitely the real deal for anglers of all levels. From beginners to the experts. Experience it for yourself!

Justin Edwards Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

Fishing is a passion and sometimes an obsession. Angler Pros has made fishing a fun and more affordable practice. There isn’t a better group of guys. They are always quick to help with any questions and eager to help me promote myself on social media. I highly recommend joining, the perks are definitely worth it. Tight Lines!

Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

Angler Pros brings together an accomplished family of outdoorsmen and women across the US. Fisheries scientists, offshore anglers, tournament anglers, and fly fishing purists come together to share tips, secrets, and support through social media platforms. The Angler Pros community serves as a one-stop angling shop providing a diverse wealth of knowledge otherwise unavailable through a single media source.

We are a family because the Crew interacts positively with one another, keeping content respectful and interesting. Whether it’s a small, farm-pond sunfish, or a record-breaking marlin off the coast, the Crew is pumped to share in the success.

As a freelance writer, I took a chance on Angler Pros with the hopes of finding such a family of like-minded, passionate folks to build relationships and further my written craft. Jackpot! Crew member blog and photo opportunities, among the other perks of gear discounts and interacting with the Crew at large has been an incredible experience, and we are just warming up!

Brad Trumbo Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

Angler Pros is an awesome place to interact with other anglers from all over the U.S. and Canada. Great place to show tips an tricks an also earn money doing so! Join in on this awesome team today!

Hunter Rousseau Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

I’m Jeremy and I’ve been an Angler-Pro crew member since the launch date in January 2018. My goals as a crew member include becoming a better fisherman through communicating new techniques and sharing my experiences with our followers and fellow crew members using written word, film, and photography.

I have been successful in capturing some footage and pictures that have made it up on the Angler-Pros and Cervicide pages and I plan on continuing work on techniques to become a better wildlife videographer/photographer.

Jeremy Kraus Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

Angler Pros is a great group of fishing enthusiasts like myself. They have pushed me to start filming and photographing my fishing experiences to share with others. This company is amazing and helps promote the great outdoors and helps get new people outside. You can be a part of this company that has so many great opportunities for a small charge. This company and the field staff will help you expand your fishing techniques and teach you new things if you just simply ask. Overall great company that is close nit and looking to help others get into the outdoors.

Dalton Hart Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

In the pursuit of being the best you can be, you may also run into field staff positions such as the ones right here for Angler Pros and Cervicide. Companies like these will be a huge part of your success. They can help you get your name out there and also get you into contact with others who have the same interests as you.

These companies can provide you with access to big companies, new friends and many connections that will get your name out there and help you become the best you can be.

So, what’re you waiting for, get out there and be the best you can be. Find out what being a fisherman means to you.

Cody Younciak Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

Angler Pros is a great resource for tips on many different species of fish that you may go after. Fresh or salt it doesn’t matter. Great tackle tips, and more, and awesome video content too.

Randall Kreider Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

Angler pros is a great company that makes awesome fishing videos and apparel. From Working with their partner Cervicide I’m really impressed at how both companies run so smoothly!

Charlie Bailie Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

If you love fishing and posting pictures or videos of your success on social media why not get paid in the process? Not only do you get paid for content that you provide as a crew member, you also get some pretty sweet discounts on some of the top fishing gear brands on the market! Angler Pros is a great group of people from across the country that love fishing and being outdoors. Since joining Angler Pros I’ve made new friends, gotten paid for content and of course taken advantage of our crew discount with companies such as HUK and Favorite Rods. Do yourself a favor and apply to become a crew member!! See you on the water!

John Harris Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

The quality of people here on Angler Pros is amazing! Everyone is friendly the benefits are great and how everyone talks about what they use and what works best for them in different states is amazing if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been or fished before.

Kacey Burnham Angler Crew Member Check out my Angler Pros Profile

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